We make:

  • Brinell’s (ball diameter 1 mm; 2,5 mm; 5 mm), Vickers’ and Rockwell’s (0,5 kg – 250 kg) hardness measurements
  • microhardness and hardness measurements at lowered load (5 g – 2000 g)
  • Shore’s hardness measurement (scale A and D)
  • hardness and thickness measurements for surfaces hardened through diffusion and/or tempered
  • determination of the depth of decarburization using hardness measurement at lowered load
  • hardness measurements of plastics





  • universal hardness tester Zwick-Roell ZHU250CL for Vickers’, Brinell’s and Rockwell’s measurements ranging from 0,5 kg to 250 kg
  • microhardness tester Zwick-Roell ZHVµ-A for Vickers’ and Knoop’s measurements ranging from 10 g to 2000 g
  • Shore’s hardness testers by Zwick-Roell to the scales A and D
  • universal hardness tester Zwick-Roell 8187,5 LKV
  • microhardness tester Leco LM248AT (5 g – 2000 g) with automated measurement system Leco AMH43 – Vickers’ and Knoop’s method
PN-EN ISO 6507Metallic materials – Vickers hardness test
PN-EN ISO 6508Metallic materials – Rockwell hardness test
PN-EN ISO 6506Metallic materials — Brinell hardness test
PN-EN ISO 3887Steels – Determining the depth of decarburization
PN-EN ISO 9015Descructive tests on welds metallic materials – hardness testing
PN-EN ISO 18265Metallic materials – conversion of hardness values
PN-EN ISO 4970Steel – determination of total or essective thickness of thin surface-hardened layers
PN-EN ISO 2639Steels – determination and verification of the depth of carburized and hardened cases
PN-EN ISO 868Plastics and ebonite – determination of indentation hardness by means of a durometer (Shore hardness)
and others

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