Measurements of hardness and microhardness

Hardness measurements are a basic form of checking the quality of material in order to verify the correctness of thermal procedures as well as the compliance with international standards, technical documentation, and material certificates.


We make:

Brinell’s (ball diameter 1 mm; 2,5 mm; 5 mm), Vickers’ and Rockwell’s (0,5 kg – 250 kg) hardness measurements

Shore’s hardness measurement (scale A and D)

microhardness and hardness measurements at lowered load (5 g – 2000 g)

hardness and thickness measurements for surfaces hardened through diffusion and/or tempered

determination of the depth of decarburization using hardness measurement at lowered load

hardness measurements of plastics

Accredited research

Vickers hardness HV10; HV30 in accordance with PN-EN ISO 6507-1: 2018-05

Vickers microhardness HV0.1; HV0.3; HV0.5; HV1 in accordance with PN-EN ISO 6507-1: 2018-05

Rockwell hardness HRC in accordance with PN-EN ISO 6508-1: 2016-10


universal hardness tester Zwick-Roell ZHU250CL for Vickers’, Brinell’s and Rockwell’s measurements ranging from 0,5 kg to 250 kg

microhardness tester Zwick-Roell ZHVµ-A for Vickers’ and Knoop measurements ranging from 10 g to 2000 g

Shore’s hardness testers by Zwick-Roell to the scales A & D

universal hardness tester Zwick-Roell 8187,5 LKV

microhardness tester Leco LM248AT (5 g – 2000 g) with automated measurement system Leco AMH43 – Vickers’ and Knoop’s method