Strength tests

Strength tests are one of the most common types of tests. They allow to define the behaviour of materials under certain loads, and to determine a set of parameters characterizing the material.

Laboratory equipment allows to carry out strength tests in unusual climatic conditions (from -80°C to +250°C), as well as to study a wide variety of metallic and plastic materials.

maszyna wytrzymałościowa statyczna

We make:

static tests: yield strength (Re; Rp0,2), tensile strength (Rm), elongation (A), constriction (Z)

dynamic tests

compression test

bending test

tests for elements with large values of deformation, e.g. dampers, seals

tests that reflect the actual load on ready-made elements and devices, e.g. the load on the drone wing

Accredited research:

tensile test at room temperature up to 100kN according to PN-EN ISO 6892-1: 2016-09 method B


static testing machine Zwick-Roell Z100 THW Allround-Line (100 kN: 10 tons) equipped with an automatic extensometer makroXtens® and testXpert® II software

dynamic testing machine Zwick-Roell HC25 (25 kN; 2,5 tons; 100 Hz) equipped with testXpert® II software

temperature chamber Zwick-Roell HT/LT for tests at sub-zero temperatures to -80°C and increased temperatures to +250°C

Machine park

The laboratory has a machine park allowing to make strength test samples of standardized dimensions and unusual shapes. This allows us to perform comprehensive research quickly and ensuring high quality.