Macroscopic and fractographic tests

Macroscopic observations are performed with the naked eye or using a magnification of 30 times.

The aim of these tests is to, among others, detect discontinuities in materials, analyse the nature of cracks and fractures, inspect surface defects, assess hardening depth, grain size or directivity of structure. In special cases, the evaluation of the morphology of fractures requires the use of high magnifications possible to obtain when using a scanning electron microscope.

mikroskop stereoskopowy zautomatyzowany Leica M205C

We make:

fracture morphology assessment – determination of the type of fracture, initiation sites (outbreaks), specific characteristics of decay

determination of the mode of decay load method and item operation

3D reconstruction of the fracture surface

Fractographic expertise

Fractographic expertise is based on an attempt to identify the causes and course of the destruction. Understanding these factors allows manufacturers and users of damaged machine parts to avoid similar situations in the future. We try to help our clients understand why and how the destruction took place, which allows us to implement treatments improving a given product at the design and production stage.


automated stereoscopic microscope Leica M205C

digital microscope Keyence VHX 6000

scanning electron microscope Phenom ProX

scanning electron microscope Phenom XL