Machinefish specializes in reliable and impartial material research of the highest quality. Our main goal, however, is to solve the task given to us by the client: in the shortest possible time, in a simple understandable way and with the highest quality.

We advise and often select the scope of research based on the client’s expectations. We solve problems comprehensively and present conclusions and solutions. Our research reports, including not only the results of the research itself, but also detailed opinions and clear interpretations, have been appreciated many times.

Machinefish materials & technologies

From the very beginning, we focused on the availability of our services to everyone: from individual clients, through small and medium-sized enterprises to global concerns. We have experience in working with various industries, but each order is treated individually and carried out in an independent, objective, competent and confidential manner.


The news we have is based on strong scientific foundations, many years of experience and our own know-how. We want to support both small and medium-sized enterprises and large corporations with our research. We provide each client with an individual approach to the analyzed problem.


The management at Machinefish Materials & Technologies is based on industrial realities. We are aware that some orders cannot wait, therefore we carry out the research in the shortest possible time. The services we provide are based on applicable standards, norms, and legal regulations, in accordance with the research procedures in force in our laboratory, which guarantee obtaining reliable and unambiguous results.


We approach each order individually, maintaining the highest quality. We have the most modern laboratory equipment and qualified staff.


The priority of our company is comprehensive service at every stage of work – starting from research analysis, through verification of standards and requirements, to the actual implementation of the order. We operate flexibly, adjusting the way we work to the client’s needs.

Our greatest strength is people

It is the team of employees, their diligence, creativity and commitment that determines how dynamically the company develops and how it performs on the very demanding market of laboratory services. The experience, expertise and passion of our team allow us to implement a variety of projects that require laboratory support in the field of material testing. The highest quality standards and the strong motivation of specialized employees make us able to meet the needs of our clients.

Our team:

specialists in the field of mechanics, mechanical engineering, material science, and chemistry

15 years of experience in material testing

more than 3000 studies and expert reports

continuous improvement: proficiency testing, certificates of competence, industrial internships

guarantee of high-quality research


close and direct business relationship

timely delivery

comprehensive Customer service


Customer satisfaction is our greatest value. Therefore, we strive to ensure that the services we offer are always of the highest quality. We have been trusted by both Polish and foreign companies, smaller and larger enterprises and institutions.

This and knowledge makes experience into experience.

They trusted us