We organize closed training tailored to the client’s needs. Our many years of experience and intellectual background ensure that we will organize training in every field of material engineering. As part of one project, we can organize a series of closed training courses covering a wider range of issues discussed, both in general and highly specialized knowledge at our company or at the client’s.

Training topics:

Metallurgy of ferrous alloys

Copper alloys

Aluminum alloys

Iron-cementite Fe-Fe3C equilibrium system

Steels, cast steel, cast iron - the influence of manufacturing technology on the microstructure, properties and application

Forged steels

Heat treatment of iron alloys

Structural steels

Corrosion-resistant steels

Steels intended for forming

Steels for thermal improvement

Spring steels

Nickel superalloys

Foundry aluminum alloys

Heat treatment of metal alloys

Weldability and steel welding metallurgy

Welding incompatibilities

Metal corrosion

Metal galvanizing

Preparation, metallographic tests and hardness measurements

Analysis of microstructures and non-metallic inclusions in steels

Interpretation of endurance tests

Training for engineers in the automotive industry - selection of materials, technology, properties, tests

The scope of each training is prepared individually, in order to adapt to the needs of the client and industry. The practical part is carried out on training samples or on real objects provided by the Ordering Party.