Microscopic tests

Observation of the microstructure is an elementary test that allows to determine the correctness of the metallurgical operations performed in accordance with the requirements of international standards and customers.

An experienced metallographer is able to predict the properties of the tested material on the basis of the observed microstructure. Microscopic examinations are performed for both metals and plastics.

głowice mikroskopu

We make:

identification of microstructure and material

identification of the manufacturing and processing of the material

qualitative analysis of the microstructure

evaluation of the characteristics of the particles of graphite

coating thickness measurement

evaluation of the content of non-metallic inclusions

evaluation of grain size

quantitative analysis of the share of phases, defects, porosity

determining the size of defects, e.g. delamination, corrosion depth

determination of the depth of decarburization / carburization by metallographic method

determination of the thickness of surface hardened layers using the metallographic method

Accredited research

qualitative analysis of structure components by optical microscopy

evaluation of grain size using the comparative method according to the pattern scale in accordance with PN-EN ISO 643: 2013-06


Automated metallographic microscope Leica DM6000M and Leica DM4 M

Keyence VHX 6000 digital microscope

Phenom World ProX scanning microscope with EDS / EDX microanalyzer of chemical composition

Phenom XL scanning microscope with EDS / EDX chemical composition microanalyzer

Leica DM500 metallographic microscope

Scanning microscope

We use a scanning electron microscope to observe the surface and microstructure of samples at high magnifications and the required depth of field. The dimensions of the samples are limited by the size of the microscope chamber and the dimensions of the stage.

The laboratory has software that allows for:

three-dimensional reconstruction of microstructures and surfaces

automatic evaluation of grain size

automatic evaluation of graphite particles

performing a statistical analysis of the share of individual phases of the microstructure (quantitative metallography)

roughness measurement by optical method

testing the cleanliness of components and parts (contamination on filters / filters)


In order to make correct metallographic observations with the use of light and electron microscopy methods, it is necessary to prepare a good-quality metallographic sample. Many years of experience of the staff in the field of metallography guarantees professionalism and correctness of microscopic examinations.


automatic hot mounting press Leco PR4

automatic grinding-polisher Leco GPX200 with a slurry feeder

automatic cutter for large sections Leco MSX250A

automatic precision cutter Metcon Micracut 201

Metallkraft BMBS 360 × 500 HA-DG frame band saw with a maximum cutting length of 500 mm

Vacuum Sputtering Machine Leica EM ACE200

Microscopic examinations are performed for both metals and plastic composites.