Technical support

Technical opinions and expert opinions

We provide technical expertise and analyzes of damage or damage to machines and devices, using our knowledge and many years of practical, scientific and didactic experience. We also provide technical opinions commissioned by courts or other technical organizations.

Selection of materials and manufacturing technology

We select construction and engineering materials for the designed machines and devices, taking into account individual construction, mechanical and corrosion requirements, the nature of work and operation, manufacturing technology, prices, and the standards in question. We develop technology and parameters for heat treatment and welding.

Reverse engineering for material selection

We perform tests of real objects and determine the species, technological, strength and functional properties of the construction material, as well as select a new material in accordance with the currently applicable standards.

Preparation of technical procedural documentation and court opinions

We work with courts and law firms, preparing technical opinions and providing support in the editing of pleadings in the field of specialist technical knowledge.