Corrosion tests

We carry out tests of corrosion resistance for coatings, protective layers, anticorrosion layers, as well as finished structural elements.

Corrosion resistance tests in the presence of neutral salt fog and in atmospheres with condensation water are carried out in accordance with PN-EN, DIN, ISO, ASTM standards and industry standards (e.g. VDA, VW, PV, MAN).

komora cykliczna VLM CCT 400-FL-I

We make:

corrosion resistance tests in neutral salt spray (NSS)

corrosion resistance tests in atmospheres with condensation water (CH, AHT, AT)

cyclical tests, changing corrosion conditions

evaluation of tests results in terms of coating appearance (blistering, rusting, cracking, peeling), scratch corrosion, , adhesion to the surface (cross – cut)

measurements of layer thickness with magnetic induction method (method 7C according PN-EN ISO 2808)

determination of resistance to intergranular corrosion of corrosion-resistant steels

Accredited research

corrosion resistance to salt mist (method: NSS) in accordance with PN-EN ISO 9227: 2017-06

resistance to atmospheric saturated water vapor (method: CH, AHT, AT) in accordance with PN-EN ISO 6270: 2018-02


cyclic chamber VLM CCT 400-FL-I for corrosion resistance tests in the salt spray environment, in the condensation water atmosphere and cyclical (mixed) tests – chamber’s internal dimensions are 800x600x920 and allow the placing of elements with a total mass of 80 kg and a volume of 400 l