Corrosion tests

We carry out tests of corrosion resistance for coatings, protective layers, anticorrosion layers, as well as finished structural elements.

Corrosion resistance tests in the presence of neutral salt fog and in atmospheres with condensation water are carried out in accordance with PN-EN, DIN, ISO, ASTM standards and industry standards (e.g. VDA, VW, PV, MAN).

komora cykliczna VLM CCT 400-FL-I

We make:

corrosion resistance tests in neutral salt spray (NSS)

corrosion resistance tests in atmospheres with condensation water (CH, AHT, AT)

cyclical tests, changing corrosion conditions

evaluation of tests results in terms of coating appearance (blistering, rusting, cracking, peeling), scratch corrosion, , adhesion to the surface (cross – cut)

measurements of layer thickness with magnetic induction method (method 7C according PN-EN ISO 2808)

determination of resistance to intergranular corrosion of corrosion-resistant steels

Accredited research

corrosion resistance to salt mist (method: NSS) in accordance with PN-EN ISO 9227: 2017-06

resistance to atmospheric saturated water vapor (method: CH, AHT, AT) in accordance with PN-EN ISO 6270: 2018-02


cyclic chamber VLM CCT 400-FL-I for corrosion resistance tests in the salt spray environment, in the condensation water atmosphere and cyclical (mixed) tests – chamber’s internal dimensions are 800x600x920 and allow the placing of elements with a total mass of 80 kg and a volume of 400 l

Corrosion tests

Our goal is a comprehensive analysis of the behaviour of various materials under the influence of corrosive factors. Corrosion tests in the laboratory enable monitoring and predicting the impact of corrosion on the structure and properties of various elements and products. The obtained results allow you to take appropriate actions, e.g. preventive ones. Let's take a closer look at the steps involved in carrying out these activities and find out what benefits their implementation brings. And if you want to outsource it, contact us and have this task performed by our specialists!

What are corrosion tests?

This is a comprehensive analytical process, which is particularly important in the context of assessing the impact of various environmental factors on the strength and service life of a given material. Corrosion tests performed by our laboratory are used e.g. in industry. This is due to the fact that the risk of rusting products, for example at an early stage of operation, may result in serious image, sales and material losses for the companies that produce and sell them. Our task is to identify these types of threats and, consequently, prevent undesirable effects of corrosion.


Corrosion testing in the laboratory consists of several stages. The whole process begins with an analysis of the chemical composition, manufacturing process and structure of a given material, after which it is exposed to various factors that can cause rusting. Thus, it is possible to identify potential dangers and select the best corrosion protection methods. Our services are used to effectively identify and assess risk and thus significantly contribute to increasing the durability and safety of many products.

When are corrosion tests performed?

The person or institution responsible for a given product or structure usually decides to implement subsequent stages of corrosion testing. These are often manufacturers of various types of machines, vehicles, building structures, as well as public and scientific institutions and research institutes. In our laboratory we perform such tests for instance when a new product is to be introduced to the market and when we assess the causes of corrosion of machine elements or structures.

The fundamental importance of corrosion testing is to identify potential dangers and prevent serious damage. Rusting, as a natural process, is an inevitable phenomenon, but thanks to the analyses carried out in our laboratory, its progress can be slowed down or stopped even at a late stage of the life of a material or product. As a result, it becomes safer, more durable and resistant to external factors.

Performance of corrosion tests is therefore both cost-effective and responsible. Without them, many products would not be as durable as they are today, so it is worth deciding to have them carried out in our laboratory, where all stages of analysis are carried out in accordance with current standards. Corrosion is a natural but complex phenomenon and therefore requires detailed procedures. Our specialists use advanced technologies and equipment to analyse corrosion processes, which enable monitoring and predicting the risk of rusting and its harmful effects on various materials.

Course of corrosion tests

The activities are divided into several phases. First, the chemical composition and structure of the material is analysed, and then, based on the results obtained, a prediction is made regarding the material's behaviour in given operating conditions. The stages of conducting corrosion tests in the laboratory also include corrosion susceptibility tests, which involve exposing material samples to various corrosive factors.

Using modern equipment and technologies, such as spectral analysis, scanning microscopy and other tests, our specialists assess, among others:

  • causes of corrosion,
  • degree of material corrosion,
  • expected service life,
  • potential risk of corrosion in the future,
  • possibilities of using various anti-corrosion protection methods.

The results of our analyses may influence decisions regarding the selection of materials, production, as well as the maintenance and operation of various types of facilities. In today's world dominated by technology and innovation, where new, durable and efficient solutions are constantly being sought, corrosion testing plays an important role. Decide to have them carried out in our laboratory and be sure of reliable and credible results that you can use at various stages of the decision-making, production or investment process!

Corrosion tests – offer

At Machinefish, we support enterprises, scientific institutions and other people and entities interested in commissioning corrosion tests. Our offer includes precise analyses carried out using the most modern methods and advanced equipment in appropriately planned stages. We carry out comprehensive activities, including: determining the chemical composition, structure of the material or product, the risk of rusting and the degree of its exposure to this process. We know what it takes to carry out precise and methodical corrosion tests in the laboratory, so if you want to entrust them to experienced specialists, contact us!