We make:

  • static tests: yield strength (Re; Rp0,2), tensile strength (Rm), elongation (A), constriction (Z)
  • dynamic tests
  • compression test
  • bending test
  • tests for elements with large values of deformation, e.g. dampers, seals
  • tests mapping the actual load of finished components and devices





  • static testing machine Zwick-Roell Z100 THW Allround-Line (100 kN: 10 tons) equipped with an automatic extensometer makroXtens® and testXpert® II software
  • dynamic testing machine Zwick-Roell HC25 (25 kN; 2,5 tons; 100 Hz) equipped with testXpert® II software
  • temperature chamber Zwick-Roell HT/LT for tests at sub-zero temperatures to -80°C and increased temperatures to +250°C


PN-EN ISO 6892-1Metallic materials – Tensile testing – Part 1: Method od test at room temperature
PN-EN 1561Founding – grey cast irons
PN-EN 1563Founding – Ductile iron
PN-EN ISO 7438Metallic materials – bend test
PN-74 H-04327Fatigue testing of metals – axial tension-compression test with constant cycle outer loading
PN-76 H-04325Fatigue testing of metals – Basic definitions and general pronciples for preparation of samples
PN-84 H-04334Low-cycle fatigue testing of metals
ASTM E466Force controller constant amplitude axial fatigue testing of metallic materials
PN-EN ISO 527Plastics – Determination of mechanical properties under static stretching
PN-EN ISO 178 Plastics – Determination of bending properties
and others


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