Extended accreditation

With great pleasure we would like to inform that on February 8, 2019 our laboratory successfully passed an audit of the Polish Centre of Accreditation and expanded its accreditation:

  • qualitative analysis of the microstructure of metals and alloys using light microscopy in accordance with the PB test procedure: MF/MIK/07 ed. 02 of 14.03.2019;
  • micrographic determination of grain size in accordance with PN-EN ISO 643:2013-06;
  • salt spray corrosion resistance testing – NSS method in accordance with PN-EN ISO 9227:2017-06;
  • water vapour saturated atmosphere resistance testing, method: CH, AHT, AT in accordance with PN-EN ISO 6270:2018-02.


Detailed scope of accreditation


We are pleased that the competencies of Machinefish Materials & Technologies laboratory have been re-evaluated positively, which is the basis for even greater credibility in the market. The decision to expand the scope of accreditation has been taken in the interest of our regular and future Customers.

Don’t hesitate and take advantage of our services.