Purchase of another device

During the last year, we have managed to expand our technological facilities with new devices, both in the area of ​​research and preparation and preparation of samples. First of all, we purchased a Leica DM4 M high-magnification microscope. It is a microscope dedicated to material research, especially metallography. Its optical path enables observations in bright field (BF), dark field (DF), using Nomar contrast (DIC), polarized light (POL), fluorescence (FLUURO) and using a Smith reflector.

The preparation equipment included a LECO PX500 grinder-polisher with an automatic sample head with an individual clamp and a suspension feeder. It is easy to use, yet delivers ultra-flat samples and keeps your lab running smoothly. The machine provides us with an efficient, safe, and clean sanding / polishing solution.

The equipment facilities were also expanded in the preparation area by the PKG MX400 PRESS AUTO mounting press. At the end of the year, another new device came to us – a wire EDM machine. This will allow us to shorten the time of the material processing process, and thus prepare precisely, quickly and with the highest quality test samples.