We make:

  • visual tests (NDT VT)
  • penetration tests (NDT PT)
  • X-ray tomography and industrial X-ray tests (tests performed by the Subcontractor)
  • visual inspection of accidents/damages in industrial plants
  • measurements with an optical 3D scanner

Tests are performed by personnel certified in the field of visual examination VT1+2 and penetration tests PT1+2 in accordance with PN-EN ISO 9712 in the following sectors:

  • industrial:
    A – preparation and processing of metals
    B – pre- and post-operation tests of equipment, objects, structures
    PED – Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU
  • fabrication:
    c – castings
    f – forgings
    t – tubes, including flat products for welded pipes manufacture
    w – welded fabrications
    wp – wrought products
PN-EN 13018Non-destructive testing – Visual testing – General principles
PN-EN ISO 17637Non-destructive testing of welds – Visual testing of fusion-welded joints
PN-EN ISO 3452-1Non – destructive testing – Penetrant testing – Part 1: General principles
PN-EN ISO 5817Welding – Fusion-welded joints in steel, nickel, titanium and their alloys (beam welding excluded) – Quality levels of imperfections
PN-EN ISO 13919-1Welding –Electrons and laser beam welded joints – Guidance on quality levels for for imperfections – Part 1: Steel
PN-EN ISO 13919-2Welding – electron and laser beam welded joints – Guidance of quality levels for imperfections – Part 2: Aluminium and weldable alloysS
PN-EN ISO 6520-1Welding and allied process – classification of geometric imperfections in metallic materials – Part1: Fusion welding
PN-EN ISO 10042Welding – Arc welded joints in aluminnum and its alloys – Quality levels for welding non-compliance
PN-EN ISO 12932Welding – Laser-arc hybrid welding of steels, nickel and nickel alloys – Quality levels for imperfections
and others

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