Updating the scope of accredited tests

We are pleased to announce that on June 18, 2020 our laboratory received a new scope of accreditation, which is the result of a positive audit of the Polish Center for Accreditation. Our research laboratory extended the scope to:

the current PB research procedure: MF / MIK / 07 ed. 03 of 17/04/2020, which concerns the qualitative analysis of structure components by optical microscopy;
the current PB research procedure: MF / ChA / 06 ed. 06 of 16/04/2020, which concerns the analysis of the chemical composition by the method of atomic emission spectrometry with glow discharge (the new scope of accreditation includes extended ranges of the content of elements for unalloyed and low-alloy steels);
Vickers hardness testing (HV0.1; HV0.3; HV0.5; HV1; HV 10; HV30) in accordance with the currently applicable PN-EN ISO 6507-1: 2018-05 standard.