• During the inspection, the pipe was visually examined in terms of defects on the inner and outer surfaces. Based on the visual inspection, a part of the pipe wall was selected for further study.
  • We performed measurements of the thickness of individual layers using a microscope: polymeric coating, zinc coating, cast iron wall, and cement wall. Based on the results, we confirmed the compliance with the requirements of the Customer and PN-EN ISO 545: 2010.
  • Microanalysis of the zinc layer made it possible to exclude the presence of alloying elements. At the same time, on the cross-section of the pipe wall we observed a continuous layer between the cast iron substrate and the zinc coating. Microanalysis revealed that the chemical composition of the observed layer is dominated by oxygen and iron, indicating that that was the layer of iron corrosion products – pipe wall. Galvanizing oxide-surfaced pipes is permitted by PN-EN 545: 2010.
  • Microscopic observations, hardness measurements, and uniaxial tensile tests of cast iron pipe allowed to ascertain compliance with the requirements concerning the strength characteristics and graphite discharge properties.

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