• Visual observation (fractography) of the bolt allowed us to assess the morphology of the fracture and determine the nature and direction of the forces acting on it.
  • Also welded joint of the positioning nut with the bolt of the support was macroscopically observed in accordance with EN ISO 6520-1. Microstructure and hardness of the joint were furthermore assessed.
  • Metallographic observations were made on the basis of which it was found that the microstructure of the material is suitable for structural steels.
  • Spectral analysis of the chemical composition of the screw material made it possible to select steel grades most similar to the material used. Some grades of steel stemming from the current European standard (PN-EN 10025-2) and several matches from the once current Polish norm PN-88/H-84020 of 1990 were matched.
  • Based on the analysis of the results and norms, we proposed a structural solution that enabled the completion of the repair of the spire.

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