General Meeting of Members of QUALIPOL Association

On 30/03/2023 we had the pleasure of participating in the General Meeting of Members of the QUALIPOL Association, where our President – Dr. Maciej Lachowicz, Eng. was one of the speakers and gave a presentation on the activities of our company. We had the opportunity to present our experience in the field of protective coatings testing, as well as laboratory facilities
QUALIPOL is an association registered in Poland with a General License to represent the foreign associations QUALICOAT, QUALANOD and QUALIDECO in our country. These associations have implemented and administer systems aimed at maintaining and promoting the highest standard of quality for coating and anodizing aluminum surfaces for architectural applications. The association also holds the General License of the QUALISTEELCOAT association, which certifies coatings on steel substrates.
We sincerely thank you for the opportunity to participate in this event.