Tests of zinc coating

Although the application of a layer of zinc protecting against steel corrosion, is a technique used in industry since about the mid-nineteenth century, nowadays galvanizing poses new and further challenges. It is no longer just the technological protective layer on the surface of the product – it must meet a number of requirements, from the assumed thickness, through the appropriate content of elements and microstructure of the material, to the often subjectively perceived appearance and ability to apply subsequent layers on the object.

The competence of the laboratory of Machinefish Materials & Technologies is based on the experience of solving galvanizing problems for products of different purpose, for customers of different industries. Our microscopes have been used to examine hot dip galvanized and electroplated components, items with a paint layer on top of the zinc layer, and many others. Tests were conducted on machine elements such as structural profiles, metal sheets or shaped bars, as well as on fences, pipes and road barriers.

steel element with applied zinc layer and paint coating
View of a steel element with applied zinc layer and paint coating, obtained using scanning electron microscope

We work with both galvanizing plants and companies using galvanized materials, so we offer solutions to situations arising at different stages of the life of the galvanized object. Our conclusions are based on years of experience and results of tests of zinc coatings performed by us – light microscopy, electron microscopy, microanalysis of chemical composition and even tests of corrosion resistance in salt and humidity chamber.