Comprehensive testing of medical instruments

The customer’s need was to find out the corrosion resistance of medical instrument components such as orthodontic forceps, for example, and to determine the strength of the solder joint of a special steel alloy insert. 

The corrosion resistance of medical devices should be high and properly confirmed. We performed several corrosion tests (NSS salt test, condensation test) to determine the degree of rusting.

Cążki ortodontyczne po teście NSS
Example view of orthodontic pliers after NSS test
Obraz mikroskopowy wżeru korozyjnego
Microscopic image of corrosion pitting

The quality of the brazed joint between the insert made of a special alloy of corrosion-resistant steel and the shank part of the tool also plays an important role. Therefore, we performed strength tests consisting in placing an increasing load on the surface of the soldered inserts. The tests carried out allowed us to confirm the sufficient quality of the soldered connection and thus the high quality of the medical tools. 

Each time, the customer receives the results of complex tests as well as opinions and interpretations, which allow for better understanding of the presented issues, in the form of a test report.