Results needed yesterday

We provide our clients not only with professionalism, but also flexibility, carrying out selected types and sets of tests within 24 hours from the moment of delivery of details and order.

Sometimes research not previously determined as express, becomes such, and our quick response to an urgent customer need is possible thanks to high qualifications and efficient organization. This was also the case here.

A steel cover with pins welded to it was delivered to the Laboratory. The ordering party had a problem with determining the reason for detaching these pins from the cover when mounting other elements to it. The client was very concerned about time – the very next day, at least an initial response to the problem was necessary.

The works started immediately – we took samples for testing, performed metallographic specimens and the first microscopic photos of the connection were taken by the end of the day. The first thing in the morning, at the client’s request, was to prepare an initial report showing the most likely cause of the problem. The discrepancies in the welds were most likely due to too low welding parameters. The preliminary report also contained evidence to support this in the form of these microscopic images. The preliminary information allowed the Ordering Party to present the cause of the problems at his meeting, and at that time we assessed the microstructure and thoroughly confirmed the cause of the problems with pin detachment during assembly.

The final report was written in less than three days, it already contained the entire set of research, comments, conclusions and interpretations.