We make:

  • qualitative analysis of microstructure
  • evaluation of graphite release characteristics
  • measurement of coating thickness
  • ocenę zawartości wtrąceń niemetalicznych
  • content rating of non-metallic inclusions
  • assessment of grain size
  • quantitative analysis of the share of phases, defects, porosity
  • determination of the size of defects, e.g. delamination, corrosion depth
  • determination of the depth of decarburization/carburization with metallographic method
  • determination of the thickness of cured surface layers with metallographic method





The laboratory has software allowing for:

  • 3D reconstruction of microstructures and surface
  • automatic assessment of grain size
  • automatic evaluation of graphite release characteristics
  • performing statistical analysis of contribution of individual microstructure phases (quantitative metallography)
  • roughness measurement using optical method
  • analysing the purity of components and parts (impurities on filters)


  • automatic press for hot mounting Leco PR4
  • automatic grinding and polishing machine Leco GPX200 with suspension matter feeder
  • automatic cutter for large sections Leco MSX250A
  • automatic precision cutter Metcon Micracut201
  • frame bandsaw Metallkraft BMBS 360×500 HA-DG with a maximum cutting length of 500 mm
  • vacuum sputter Leica EM ACE200
PN-EN ISO 3887Determining the depth of decarburization
PN ISO 4970Steel – determination of total or effective thickness of thin surface-hardened layers
PN-EN ISO 643 Steels – Micrographic determination of the apparent grain size
PN-EN ISO 945-1Cast iron microstructure – Part 1: Classification of graphite precipitates of the basis of visual analysis
PN-EN ISO 9220Metallic coatings – Measusrement of coating thickness – Scanning electron microscope method
PN-EN ISO 1463Metallic and oxide coatings-Measurement of coating thickness – Microscopical method
PN-75/H-04661Grey and spheroidal and malleable cast-iron – Metallographic examinations-Evaluation of microstructure
PN-63/H-04504Microstructure testing of steel products – Tetiary cmentite – Bandig – Widmannstatten’s structure
PN-EN 10247Micrographic examination of the non-metallic inclusion content of steels using standard pictures
ASTM E45Standard Test Methods for Detemining the Inclusion Content of Steel
SEP 1572Microscopic test of free cutting steels for solid nonmetallic inclusions in metal by means of strip mosaics
DIN 50602Microskopische Prüfung von Edelstählen auf nichtmetallische Einschlüsse mit Bildreihen
and others

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